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Here a few companies that do moving announcements – traditional paper announcements and e-announcements.

Thousands of custom printed moving announcements and change of address notices available online-including many hard-to-find designs. On the Web since 1998.
Personalized Invitations and Announcements, Wedding Invitations, Cards, Stationery
Wide Selection of Moving Announcements and photo Moving announcements
Address Labels, Moving Announcements.  Budget-friendly, customizable. – free moving announcements via e-cards

Don’t forget to update your linked in, facebook, myspace, and other social networking sites with your new information.  While you are in there, check your privacy settings!

Not sure if you should use a traditional moving announcement or an e-announcement?

Pros and Cons of Traditional Moving Announcements

Traditional moving announcements is a physical announcement, printed on paper, to friends and family that lists your new address and phone number so you can stay in touch. Usually, moving announcements have a fun theme or might even be a photo card, which is often why they end up on recipients’ refrigerators or tacked onto bulletin boards. This also gives easy access should the recipient need to quickly find your new address. These moving announcements also act as keepsakes for the sender and can even be framed, especially if this move is important, such as buying your first house.

The cons are: easy to accidentally throw away or misplace a moving announcement before your information is added to the address book; cost of postage to mail them; cost of the moving announcements themselves and if you are “green” most announcements are not on recycled paper!

Pros & Cons of E-Announcements

With e-announcements it is easy to pull a large amount of email addresses and send out your info to your friends and family where they can store the information as long as they need it. There is no need to purchase stamps, return address labels or even mailing labels. It is convenient and fast.

Cons…. your email out end up in a spam filter and never read or if it does make it past the spam filter, it is easy to delete. Therefore, referencing back to the e-moving announcement can be challenging for less organized recipients.

In addition, not everyone has email, such as grandparents, so you would have to send them a physical moving announcement, write them a letter or rely on someone else to update them.