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This tutorial with garage sale tips is designed to assist you in planning and implementing a successful garage sale. There are many benefits to conducting a sale, but you will need to ask yourself the following questions to be certain that this undertaking is for you.

Once you decided to conduct a garage sale, you’ll realize it can be rewarding both financially and personally – especially with our garage sale tips. Not only will you make money from the sale, but you will also lessen the cost of shipping your household items to your new location. Eliminating unnecessary items will really help set the tone for the entire moving process by lessening the size of your shipment. Use our garage sale tips to best plan and execute your sale.

Tips for Garage Sales: First steps

Tips for Garage Sales: Get organized

Let’s start getting organized by deciding what you will sell.

If you have not used it in the last five years, you probably can live without it. Go ahead and sell it!

Items like snow blowers are not necessary in some parts of the country. If you plan to ship it, understand that you must follow guidelines, such as purging fuel from the machine when preparing the blower for shipping. The gas can you have used to refill the snow blower can’t be transported, so you will need to purchase a new one. Is it really worth all the trouble or can you sell it, make a few dollars and buy yourself a new lounge chair to use while basking in the sun in your new home – where it does not snow!

Tips for Garage Sales: What to sell

Listed below is a list of items that seem to sell quite well in a moving sale. Remember, what is junk to one is a treasure to another. Use common sense. If the item is in decent shape and possibly useful, although somewhat unusual, give it a try. You may want to put a fairly low price tag on it to assist in selling it.

Tips for Garage Sales: Set the price!

One good rule of thumb for pricing items for a garage sale – be sure to price items according to their worth to others, not their worth to you. A good way to do this is by asking a friend or family member (outside of your immediate family) to assist you in setting the price. It helps in establishing realistic pricing to ask for the assistance of someone who is not emotionally attached to the item.

Bring in the buyers

Treat this garage sale like a retail business. Merchandise your items in an appealing way. Think about the times you have gone into a store and were attracted to article of clothing because of the way it looked on the mannequin or accessories on a piece of furniture. The presentation does matter, so put some thought into it.

Advertise cleverly and aggressively

Tips for Garage Sales: Be safe

Garage sales attract honest buyers and the odd, dishonest person. Keep that in mind on the day of the sale. Here are some garage sale tips on safety.

Wow, you did it!

Congratulations! You completed a successful garage sale with the help of Allied’s garage sale tips. If there are items left over, consider donating them to the Salvation Army or local charities. With our garage sale tips, your sale is sure to be a success!