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Siracusa Moving & Storage is committed to conducting business in an environmentally acceptable manner with a focus on continuous improvement in reducing the impact of our operations on the environment. We will work with our employees, suppliers, affiliates, customers and community to fulfill this policy.

We will:

  • Recognize how our business impacts the environment
  • Establish objectives and goals to reduce our environmental impact
  • Partner with customers, suppliers and affiliates to assist them in improving their environmental performance
  • Incorporate the environment as an element of our company’s culture through our Going Green initiative
  • Report on our performance through management reviews of our program’s results
  • Work for continual improvement on our efforts toward sustainability and environmental awareness
  • Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements

What is Going Green?

Going Green is a program initiated by our company to bring awareness both internally and externally to the impacts and initiatives of our business on the environment. It is also a program to highlight the small changes that can be made that collectively can make a big impact. Specifically targeting key areas of environmental impact, Going Green sets forward the framework for us to take action in these key areas. By improving on performance in these areas, we can begin the process of moving to become more environmentally aware (green). The name “Going Green” reflects the continuous process of “moving” toward the objective of lessening our impact on the environment. It is often said that if you are not moving forward you are falling behind. Our initiative reflects that this is a continuous process, which does not end. As we achieve our goals and change our behavior, new goals must be set, behavior changed and strategy enhanced so that we are continuously improving and Going Green.

Key Areas of Environmental Impact

  • Internal Use and Waste Reduction
  • Re-Use and Recycling Program
  • Building and Facility Energy Efficiency and Reduction
  • Vehicle Fuel Efficiency and Carbon Reduction
  • Employee Education

Accomplishments & Initiatives

  • Largest Private Purchaser of Renewable Energy in Naperville (25% of Facilities Energy Usage)
  • EPA Renewable Energy Power Member
  • Cheetah Crate Box Replacement Moving System
  • Cardboard Box Recycle & Re-use Program
  • Idle Reduction and Fuel Efficiency Program
  • Internal Paper Reduction and Re-use Program
  • Going Green Employee Commitment