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When you’re planning a move often most of the time before the move is spent focusing on the things that you can get packed early so that you can get them out of the way before the actual moving day. But there are a lot of things that you actually shouldn’t pack until right before you’re ready to leave. Even though it seems overwhelming to have a lot of items that you can’t actually pack until the day of the move you can still prepare in advance so that you can pack these items quickly and not slow down the move:


Packing up the pantry is always tricky. Perishable foods that are left in the fridge and freezer on the day of the move should be tossed. But you can minimize the amount of food that gets trashed by using up as much of the perishable food as possible in the week before the move. Dig through the freezer and make some casseroles and one pot dishes with the frozen veggies and meats that have you have been saving. When you go grocery shopping buy just enough fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, and other perishables to last your family through the week so that you won’t have any left over.

Non-perishable food can be packed early and set aside so that you don’t have to pack up your entire pantry full of canned soups, baking supplies, and other foods at the last minute. But it’s a good idea to go through the expiration dates as you pack those items and toss the ones that have expiration dates coming up soon.


Your valuables like cash, expensive jewelry, family heirloom pieces, and your important documents should never be packed for movers to move. Always keep those items with you to make sure they’re safe. If you normally keep your valuables in a safe in your home you can transfer them to a portable safe or a fireproof box with a lock for moving. Put the portable safe or fireproof box directly in your car in the truck or under a seat so it’s not in plain view during the move.

Pet Supplies

Pet supplies like your pet’s water and food dishes, favorite blanket, favorite toys, and food should not be packed. They should go in a special bag or box that you keep in the car with you so that you have them on hand during the journey and when you arrive at the new house. That will make the journey more comfortable for your pet and ensure that you will have all the supplies that you need for your pet at the new house and you won’t need to run right out and shop for pet items.