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Moving is stressful, who can remember everything you need to do! But when Sally gets sick and you have just moved, you’ll wish you had looked into finding a new pediatrician before relocating!

Finding A New Doctor During a Relocation

When looking for a new pediatrician or OB-GYN, consider using your health insurance rosters which are typically online. Additionally, consider joining the local Facebook groups for in the town of your new home. These groups are great places to post questions about finding new doctors, dentists, etc. The perfect referral.

Once you find a new doctor, requests your records be sent to the new provider. Usually this requires filling out and signing a simple release form. But this is much easier to do when you are still living near your doctor. Also, some doctor’s office now offer an interface online for requesting forms, etc.

Finally, make sure you refill any prescriptions, stocking up as most new doctor’s require a visit before extending a prescription.