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When you and your partner decide it’s time to move in together it’s very exciting. You are starting your lives together with a shared home. But consolidating your things and deciding on a new home is something that you will need to talk about before it’s time to move from your current place. After you’ve made the decision to move in together you should:

Decide On A Budget

Money can often cause fights and resentments in a relationship. To avoid having money become an issue later on you and your partner should talk about your living expenses up front and make a clear agreement about finances. How much can you afford for a new place to live? Will it be in both your names? Will you split the rent or mortgage or will one person pay a larger share because they have a higher income? Who pay the utilities? And what about groceries and other expenses? Once you have agreed on how the household finances will work write up an agreement and both of you sign it so that both of you understand who will be responsible for what when it comes to household bills.

Make A Priority List For Your New Home

Living close to work might be important for your partner but not for you. Having an apartment or a house with a yard might be important to you and not your partner. Together create a list of the things you’d like to have in a new home, the things that are priorities for a new home, and the things that are deal-breakers for a new home. That way you can narrow down your search for places to homes that will provide both of you with the things that are the most important to you.

Consolidate Your Stuff

You don’t need two toaster ovens or duplicates of other household appliances and goods so someone will need to get rid of theirs. Decide who will contribute what appliances and other items to the joint household and sell the items that you don’t need. That extra money can help go towards the moving expenses. If your partner’s style is radically different from yours this is a great time to talk about how to decorate  your new place and how to incorporate elements of both your styles and personalities into the new home so that you both feel at home there.

Hire Professionals

Moving day is going to be tough on both of you. Don’t make it more stressful by having to deal with flaky friends that don’t show up to move your furniture or help that bails on you at the last minute. Hire professional movers who will move even the heavy furniture and appliances quickly and safely. The cost of professional movers is well worth the peace of mind of not having any big snags cause trouble on the first day of the next chapter in your relationship.