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Why Choose Siracusa for Your Auto & Boat Relocations?

We offer auto, motorcycle & boat relocation services to make sure your employees’ cars, trucks, motorcycles, and boats – of all sizes – arrive on schedule. We follow the highest standards and listen to our customers for meaningful ways to improve. We never stop striving to be the best in our business. We have to – so your customers are never left wondering when they are going to see their car or boat again.

Quality When It Counts

At Siracusa Moving & Services quality, service and performance is always on our minds. Before each delivery, our movers provide each customer with:

Commitment to Technology

Technology has become a highly effective tool in the transportation business. We utilize technology to greatly open the flow of information to our customers. With 24-hour access to the status of your transferee’s property, everyone rests easier. Our fully automated process and reporting procedures use the most advanced technology accessed through e-mail and our streamlined web site. Using these tools, customers can instantly check the status of an order, make changes, and contact us any time of day or night. In addition, we use technology to make sure that we never miss an opportunity to impress a customer and improve our processes. We poll each and every customer after delivery and receive responses from more than 90 percent. We use this important feedback to improve our services – immediately.

Personalized Service

When you partner with Siracusa Moving & Storage, you immediately benefit from our personal touches, which include:


Siracusa Moving & Storage is a specialist at moving power and sailboats of all sizes anywhere in the country – door to door or marina to marina. We believe it is part of our job as professionals to help you avoid any damage to your power or sailboat during transport. Unlike a car, preparing a boat for transport involves more detail for the owner – or for the marina where a boat is stored. We are here to help to avoid problems or misunderstandings that could lead to even minor damage.


The most complex and sometimes nerve-racking part of moving services for cars and boats is pricing and valuation. That’s why we have simplified and clarified our policies and procedures with plenty of coverage options to ease the most anxious owner.


Crystal-Clear Pricing. We have set pricing with easy-to-understand calculations. There are no surprises waiting for you at the end of the delivery process. We work with you for personalized pricing that meets your corporate needs.

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