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Exhibits & Tradeshows

Tradeshow & Convention Services

For crated or uncrated exhibits, for a single show or multi-stop tour, Siracusa Moving & Storage can provide the right level of service, on-time and within budget.

We understand the vital importance of on-time service for trade shows. You’ve paid for the space, built your exhibit, and committed your people to the show. And, most importantly, your customers will be there. You can count on Siracusa Moving & Storage to deliver your exhibit on schedule.

What do exhibit customers expect?

  • Prompt, dependable delivery and pickup service.
  • Courteous, knowledgeable personnel capable of handling emergencies when the need arises.
  • Accurate, timely communication between all parties.
  • Consistent, reasonable transit times.

Why are these important?

  • Exhibits must be delivered on time to the exact hour and day. If we fail, the exhibitor faces outrageous charges, they are unable to exhibit their products or services, and potential prospects may be lost.
  • Trade show displays have to be built and assembled before we can pick them up from the customer. Delays can and do occur. We need to help customers when this takes place to assure them that it will get to the exhibit hall on time.
  • Exhibitors have enough to worry about when preparing for a new show. They should not have to worry about transit times. They want a carrier who will perform for them as they have promised. When you select Siracusa Moving & Storage, we take the worry out of your trade show move.