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Museum & High Value

Pieces of this nature can range from items reclaimed from antiquity, family heirlooms or modern day high end electronics; these items are often irreplaceable or quite costly to replace.

Can you trust just any mover to move such valuable pieces?

At Siracusa Moving & Storage, we take pride in our efforts to securely store and transport valuable property of any type.

Glossary of Move Terms

Museum Pieces

How do you place a value on an irreplaceable museum piece? Obviously you can’t. That’s why when you need to relocate one of history’s treasures, you need to select a mover with the experience, understanding, care, and equipment it takes to ensure its safe transport. You need to call Siracusa Moving & Storage.

Our crews take great pride in providing the highest level of service. We are committed to giving you the best equipment to do the job right. When you’re moving a timeless artifact, you know the customer expects it to get there undamaged and on time. We accomplish that objective with great crews, air-ride vans, with specially designed liftgate trailers.

It all adds up to a care-free experience for the customer.

High Value Pieces

We built our solid reputation on hard work, professional project management, attention to details, but most of all, customer satisfaction. When you choose us to handle the movement of your high value products, you minimize the time you spend keeping track of your vendors’ deliveries. You simply direct your vendors to the Siracusa Moving and Storage’s distribution center location provided by your move counselor. Then, provide us a list of what will be shipped, and when you need it there.

Working through our affiliation with Siracusa Moving and Storage’s Distribution Services International™, your move counselor will generate reports showing you which items have arrived, and which, if any were damaged. Utilizing ADS’ exclusive SCAN!® computer system, we can track the entire process, ensuring that everyone acts promptly at each step of your project.

Since you know immediately when a shipment is late or damaged, you can take quick action by expediting missed deliveries, or ordering replacements sooner. All the while saving yourself a small fortune in last-minute air freight charges.

What’s more, we can even handle the actual transportation of your goods from your vendors. As one of the nation’s largest van line companies, we enjoy significant discounts on truckload, intermodal, and air freight shipments of all kinds. Therefore, it’s likely that shipping our way costs less than your vendor’s “best way.”