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Come up with a packing system so all of your boxes end up in the right rooms when they get to your new home. One option is to buy a box of magic markers or colored labels to create a “color code” system for your movers — red-labeled boxes for the living room, blue for the kitchen, etc. On moving day, draw a floor plan of your home with each room labeled and hang it somewhere the movers can easily see it. Review Packing Guide &Packing Tips

Don’t have time to pack, most moving companies offer packing services as well as appliance hook-ups.

Packing: Preparation

we recommend you start with professional materials, including:

Don’t pack everything!  Don’t throw everyday essentials in with your other belongings, only to have to dig through boxes later searching for your ID or your medications. Instead, pack a “last-to-go” box with all of the necessities — toiletries, snacks, important documents and the like — and keep it with you rather than on the moving truck