One of the many advantages we have over other moving companies is our commitment to handling and transporting our own customers’ possessions. Other carriers don’t have our vast, modern fleet and staffing capabilities.

Our Full Control Concept means we move you. Siracusa provides complete pack, load and drive teams, virtually never needing subcontracted support – on average, 93% of our moves are 100% Siracusa. That means we have vested interest in doing every job right and are completely committed to achieving total customer satisfaction. Siracusa employees are highly dedicated, knowledgeable moving and storage professionals. We handle your move and your possessions with the greatest care.

By avoiding the use of outside agents, we control and uphold our high quality standards. We are entirely-and proudly- accountable to you. Furthermore, by having fewer people involved in the moving process, we have witnessed and overall decrease in claims and expenses- and an increase in customer satisfaction. Plus when we save on overhead, we pass these saving on to you by offering highly competitive rates.

Since 1978, we have grown steadily by constantly demonstrating our corporate philosophy: Exceeding customer expectations is the only way to do business. Our Move Management Approach to Customer Service is one of the ways we achieve success.

Every Siracusa move is coordinated by an experienced move team and led by a Major Account Counselor: Your counselor purposely handles only a limited number of relocation at a time- fewer moving assignments means more time to devote to each phase of the process. You benefit from this by receiving the highest level of personalized service and satisfaction.

A dedicated Major Account Assistant manages all of the paperwork. That frees up your counselor to do what he or she does best- counsel you throughout the move. As a result, our initiation process is significantly shorter that that of our competition.

We continue to improve our services with our Continual Process Enhancements. Our customers help improve our systems by critiquing their move related experiences. We ask 100% of our customers at least 15 pertinent questions. We track and maintain these records…and we take the responses seriously.