Household & Vehicle Relocation

Overview of the Move Process
Initial Phone call

  • Introduction with your Siracusa Personal Move Manager Consultant*
  • Discuss preferred pre-move survey date and move dates
  • Discuss concerns, the relocation policy, determine what can and can’t be shipped
  • Lead time required for dates
  • Preparing for a successful move – View our moving resources

Pre- Move Survey

  • Determines required packing, high value items, and number of days required to pack and load your goods.
  • Surveyor goes room by room (will not go in attic)
  • You should advise surveyor of items that are NOT moving, or that you have off-site (mini-storage, 2nd home, etc.)
  • Surveyors DO NOT discuss policies or details of the move

Dates Scheduled/Confirmed

  • Packing Days
  • Loading Day(s)
  • Delivery spread provided (Date range when to expect your goods)
  • Auto transport – confirm pick up date and delivery spread

Delivery Day (s)

  • Unpacking of cartons – depends on the size of your move
  • Unpacked cartons pick up – often scheduled the day after delivery and the cartons/packing papers are removed
  • Third party services typically scheduled day after delivery


*Move Manager Consultant Provides

  • Intro letter with MMC’s name and contact information
  • Review of your  HHG relocation policy
  • Detailed list of services provided and services not authorized
  • Information regarding completion of the High Value Inventory Form and packing inventory forms


Services Provided

  • Containers, packing and partial unpack
  • Loading, transportation and unloading
  • Preparation/protection of residence
  • Full value protection for damage and documented loss
  • 3rd party services and appliance servicing (Both at origin and destination)
  • Debris/Box removal of cartons unpacked
  • Door-to-door auto transport
  • Storage- if authorized per policy
  • High Value Inventory (Needs to be completed to protect your valued possessions)


Prohibited Items

Shipment of hazardous materials

  • Explosives, chemicals, flammable materials, garden chemicals, ammunition,
  • Propane tanks, gas and aerosol cans, paint and paint thinners

Shipment of firewood, lumber or other building materials

Shipment of valuables

  • Jewelry, currency, important documents,
    items of extraordinary value

Shipment of plants, perishable food, wine, valuable collections

  • Donate food to “Move For Hunger” (Food donations, non-profit organization)


Services Not Provided, but not limited to:

  • Removal, or installation of carpeting, drapery rods, storage sheds or other permanent fixtures
  • Shipment of snowmobile, boat or other recreational vehicle fourteen (14) feet or larger
  • Multiple recreational vehicles
  • Unusually heavy or cumbersome hobby materials
  • Disassembling, re-assembling of satellite dishes
  • Disassembly of sheds, decks, pools and spas
  • Maid service
  • Shipment of goods to a location other than your new work location
  • Storage of automobiles


Auto Relocation

The move provides for transportation of your autos if moving more than 500 miles.

Move must be more than 500 miles to qualify for auto relocation

They must be in running condition

  • Not antique

No items permitted to be transported with auto

No storage of autos

Autos can be shipped on different dates from household items

Auto transporter completes a pre move condition inventory

  • Notes any pre-existing damage
  • Your signature agrees to the condition
  • You are provided a signed copy

Auto transporter provides condition inventory upon delivery

  • You should inspect car/mileage prior to signing
  • Any exception must be taken at delivery
  • Your signature agrees to the condition


Contacts for Staples Group Move

click on links below to email


Lisa Cleary, HHG Primary Move Counselor, 860-259-0212

Bonnie Berasi,  Secondary Move Counselor, 860-259-0254

Kara Lucht, Claims & Quality Control Manager , 860-259-0237

John Hannon, General Manager &  HHG Move Management, 860-259-0226