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Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

Whether you’re downsizing, upgrading to a better neighborhood, or moving to a big city there will be times when you need to move into a smaller space. Exchanging some square footage to get benefits like being closer to work, or in a better neighborhood, or in a more vibrant part of the city is worth it to most people. But it does mean that you need to approach your move a little differently because you won’t have room for all of your current stuff. It is possible to move into a smaller space and not feel deprived though if you use these tips:

Keep Only What You Love

When you are going through your possessions and trying to decide what to keep and what to take make a pile or a section for the things that you really love. Maybe it’s your TV stand, or maybe it’s an old leather chair that belonged to your grandfather. Whatever items you love you should keep. But all those bits and pieces of furniture that you’ve been dragging around with you since college ended like the thrift store bookshelves or you cousin’s old couch can go. Let them go. Sell them or give them away. When you move you should be only bringing pieces of furniture that you really love.

Don’t Buy New Stuff Yet

There are bound to be some decorating challenges in your new space, so you shouldn’t buy furniture, art, or other home goods until you spend some time in your new place and get a feel for the space. Until you have really lived in the smaller space you won’t have any idea of what furniture you really need or how to arrange it so that you can make the most of the space that you have. Wait a month to start buying new items for your new smaller space.

Go Digital

When space is at a premium you should try to whittle down your collections as much as possible, including your books and music. Keep a few hard copy books that you really love but buy digital copies of as many books as possible and subscribe to a monthly music service so that you can get rid of your books and CDs. Getting rid of those items will free up precious living space and when you have the digital versions of your favorite books and CDs you can bring them anywhere with you.

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