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Moving is always stressful but moving out of state adds another layer of stress to the move. When you’re moving out of state the long distance of the move means that it will be more difficult to coordinate all the moving parts that go into making a successful move. Use these expert tips to make your next out of state move a lot easier:

Hire Professionals

When you’re trying to coordinate loading and loading of trucks in different states as well planning all the other details of a move it can quickly turn into chaos. When you hire professional movers you won’t have to stress up pickup and delivery. You’ll also be paired with a move coordinator who will work with you to make sure that all the details of the move are planned for. If anything goes wrong your move coordinator will be there to help get things on track again. Without a professional partner you’ll be scrambling on your own to make that out of state move a success.

Plan On Being Without Your Stuff On Both Ends

If you have only ever moved locally you might not realize that when you move long distance you don’t have a lot of control over when your household goods arrive. They could arrive very shortly after you get your new home or they might not arrive for a week or more. And you will need to pack and load your items earlier than you expect in order to get them on the truck and get them moved. It’s very rare to pack a truck and move a day later.

So you should count on not having your stuff for about a week before the move and for about a week after. Prepare boxes or bags for each family member, including the pets, that have bedding, clothes, towels and toiletries, and other necessary times in them. You should also pack some air mattresses, folding chairs, and other items that you’ll need if your furniture won’t arrive right away.

Expect The Unexpected

Inevitably when you’re making a big cross country move your stuff will be sent to the wrong place, or you won’t be able to get it for a month, or the closing on your new home could fall through leaving you with no place to stay. Count on at least a few things going wrong when you move and plan ahead. The secret to successfully making it through a move to another state is planning, planning, and more planning.