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Packing the kitchen for a move can be daunting. There are so many cabinets and cupboards to empty and stuff of varying sizes to pack that it can be overwhelming. But according to expert movers the key to getting the kitchen packed up efficiently is organization. When you plan ahead and have a plan for packing up the kitchen the whole job can be done swiftly. Organization experts recommend these procedures for packing up the kitchen for a move:

Use Dishware Boxes

For most things you don’t actually need specialty moving boxes. You can wrap your household items in packing paper and place them in regular boxes and they will be just fine. However, dishware is different. When you’re moving it does pay in the long run to spend money on specialty boxes for dishware. If you try to move your dishes in regular boxes you will either need to use a fortune’s worth of packing material to make sure they don’t break in transit or use so many boxes that you’ll never get them all unpacked. Invest in some dishware boxes for your move and pack your dishes carefully in a dedicated dishware box.

Get Rid Of What You Don’t Use

There is absolutely no need to keep dragging that blender you got for your wedding ten years ago from home to home. If you haven’t used an appliance or a gadget in a year toss it out, donate it, or sell it because you don’t need it. You might be surprised by how many things you have laying around the kitchen that you don’t actually need. You can make your move easier by getting rid of those things that you don’t use rather than packing them up again and dragging them to a new home again.

Pack A Separate Box For Essentials

When you get to your new home it might take you awhile to unpack all the boxes. Pack a box of essentials and label it so that you know all the things you use daily are in that box and you won’t have to without things you need while you unpack and settle into the new house. Your essential daily box should have things like:

And any other things that you use daily to cook meals. That way you can start cooking healthy meals right away in your new home.

Take Your Time

Start packing up the kitchen well in advance of your move. Leave yourself enough packing time to go through all the cupboards and bins at your own pace so that you’re not pressured into having to clear the whole kitchen out quickly the day before you move.