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Having a moving company on your side who supports and guides you through every aspect of your relocation journey is key to having a smooth and streamlined experience free of worry or chaos. Use our tips and tricks below to make your move the best it can be.

Planning & Scheduling Your Move

No matter what distance you’re moving over or the type of move you’re embarking on, having the right moving timeline and packing schedule makes all the difference between being less stressed and well-prepared and throwing things into bags at the last minute on moving day. Keep reading to make sure your moving timeline works for you.

Scheduling Your Movers

As soon as you decide to move or settle in an area or specific location, you should start researching your moving company.

Especially if moving in peak season, which is April-September, deciding on movers and getting your date locked down as soon as possible will allow you to not only have your ideal moving day but will prevent you from missing out on working with the movers you want entirely. Competition amongst moving clients is much higher during peak season, so booking as soon as possible will allow you to get this big task and stressor out of the way early. Try to schedule your movers at least 6 weeks prior to your move, but ideally even as much as 3 months prior to your move. This might seem excessive, but your peace of mind is worth it!

When looking for professional movers, make sure you know what kind of move you’re embarking on and any specialty services you might require. Do you have antiques, particularly large or awkward furniture, or vehicles that need moving? Is your move long-distance or international? Make sure your moving company has experience and specializes in the type of move you need so that your process is smooth and straightforward.

Before shopping around for quotes, thoroughly check the reviews of any potential company you’re considering to ensure they’ve provided good experiences for clients of all types, especially those with moves similar to your’s. Don’t just take the reviews provided on your movers’ website at face value; look on third-party review sites for real reviews from real people to ensure you’re hearing from actual past clients. Think Yelp, Google Reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and more.

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Organizing Your Move

Keeping your move as organized and streamlined as possible will reduce stress and chaos and keep you on a structured schedule. Consider the following to keep your move as organized as possible:

Creating a Packing Schedule

It’s no secret that packing is one of the most dreaded parts of moving. It’s arduous, labor-heavy, and stressful. However, you can make your move that much easier with a well-planned packing schedule that starts well before your relocation looms.

Have specific questions about details associated with your move? Check out further moving resources for specialty items, pets, and more below: