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International Moving ServicesAs the global marketplace becomes more and more competitive, you probably feel increased pressure to participate in trade shows around the world. You need a moving company that can get your exhibit to any location, anywhere around the world, when you need it there. And even more importantly, when the exhibit arrives, it’s in perfect condition, ready to be set up, ready to help you sell your business.

In order to maintain competitive prices, many international forwarders have decided to cut back on services, and employ less expensive, and potentially unreliable, transit companies for origin and destination services.

We will not do that! Working with Allied International, we share a commitment to expert, quality service that will not be compromised. Experimenting with a client’s shipment by using untested services is not our way of building long term relationships.

As the largest trading partner of most of its suppliers, ALLIED INTERNATIONAL is able to command premium, preferential service and competitive pricing. This buying power, in turn, enables us to provide the highest level of service while passing on the savings to our customers.

If your current supplier can not or will not give you all the service you would like, give us a try. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.