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Even the most careful planner couldn’t have planned on a pandemic hitting during a move. The impacts of the pandemic will last for a long time, and yet if you have a move scheduled you can’t cancel the move just because of the pandemic. There are things that you can do to move safely during this time like:

PPE For Everyone

If the move must go on then it must be done safely. Make sure that you have high qualify face masks and gloves for everyone that will be on site during the move. Have some extras too just in case they’re needed. Always wear your mask, and make sure that your family members are wearing theirs. If you can’t wash your hands frequently use hand sanitizer frequently, especially after you touch any surfaces like countertops or doors. Maintain social distancing and make sure that everyone on site stays at least six feet apart at all times.

Limit The Number Of People

Another way to move safely is to limit the amount of people that are at your home as you’re getting ready to move. If possible take your family to the new home early, or have them stay with family members. If they must be in the house have them stay in one or two closed off rooms where they won’t come into contact with anyone else.

Drive To Your New Home

If you are moving long distance it’s better to drive there than to fly, especially if you are have vulnerable people in your people like people with existing health conditions or elderly people. It might take longer to drive but flying is still a high risk activity because of the all the people that go through the airport. Rent a bigger car if you need to in order to make sure that everyone in the family has room to stretch out but ultimately driving is worth the hassle because it lowers the risk of exposure.

Sanitize The New Home

Whether you’re moving into a house or an apartment make sure that the surfaces in the new house are cleaned and sanitized before you move in, and then sanitize them again after the movers have unloaded the boxes and furniture. Frequent handwashing is also recommended.

Be Flexible

The pandemic situation seems to change almost daily, and the best way to handle that is to be adaptable and flexible. It’s frustrating when plans get changed quickly but keeping you and your family safe is the highest priority so don’t sweat the details. Focus on safety first, and the rest will fall into place.