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Whether you have a full home gym or just a few pieces of fitness equipment you need to take special precautions to make sure that your fitness equipment isn’t damaged during a move. These expert tips will make it easier to pack and move your fitness equipment safely:

Secure The Equipment

Often fitness machines have many moving parts. You will need to secure all of the parts of the equipment to make sure that nothing comes loose or falls off during the move. That means you will need tiedowns. Lots of tiedowns. Use them to sure the pedals of your stationary bike, and to secure the platform of your treadmill to the handles, and to secure the case that is holding your weights. Anything that can move or shift should be tied down tightly so that it stays in place during the moving process.

Get Help

Most fitness equipment is designed to be heavy enough to put up with a lot of wear and tear which means it’s going to be very heavy to move. You could permanently injure your back or legs if you try to move huge pieces of equipment on your own. Get some friends to help you move fitness equipment from one room to another or hire professional movers to help you load and unload the equipment.

Read The Manual

If you’re moving a fitness machine like an elliptical or a stationary bike check the owner’s manual to see how to move the machine. Take the manufacturer’s advice when it comes to dissembling and moving the machine because if you don’t and there is some kind of damage that damage may not be covered until your homeowners insurance policy.

Use Moving Equipment

Because fitness equipment can be so heavy even if you’re just moving the equipment out to the driveway use a hand truck or appliance dolly to move the fitness machine. Using the right moving equipment will make it much easier and safer for you to move equipment on your own.

One more thing you should remember when you are moving fitness equipment or even just preparing it to be moved is to always lift with your knees and not with your back. Make sure that you don’t hurt yourself trying to move fitness equipment.