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Moving is always stressful, but moving your office is especially stressful because of the added pressure to get everything back up and running again as quickly as possible. Organization is key to a successful and low-stress business move. Use these tips to move your business with a minimal amount of disruption and down time:

Move After Hours

Many moving companies that specialize in commercial moves have evening and weekend moving hours so that businesses don’t have to shut down for an entire day to move. Scheduling your move outside of usual business hours also means that you won’t disrupt any other businesses or have to coordinate access to freight elevators, warehouse doors, or other access points with the other businesses that you share a building with. The movers can get your furniture and equipment packed and loaded and then unloaded and unpacked quickly.

Have A Master Inventory List

When you’re moving a lot of inventory, equipment, or office furniture it’s easy for things to get overlooked. For example, if you’re moving 30 desk chairs that all look the same someone probably isn’t going to notice if one or two don’t make it to the new office. Before the move arrives take a thorough inventory of everything that you are moving. As each item comes off the moving truck to be loaded into the new space check it off on your master list. That way you’ll be sure that all of your equipment is moved into the new space.

Make Sure You Can Access The New Space

Always double check that  you have the keys, access codes, or other things that you need to be able to access your new work space and the freight elevator, load in doors, and other specialized areas at the new property. You don’t want to end up in a situation where the movers are ready to start moving your business equipment into a new space but you don’t have the code for the freight elevator and you can’t reach anyone to get it because it’s after hours. Make sure you have all of that information at least 24 hours before you are scheduled to move.

Update Your Renters Insurance

Your business is going to the next level and that means your rental insurance needs to be updated to include more space, more employees, more equipment, and possibly a new zip code. Check in with your insurance agent to make sure they’re aware of the change and get them to update your policy to make sure that your business is protected